Academic freedom is under threat.


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CAF Official Launch – 27 February 2024

Watch our director Edward Skidelsky address CAF’s launch event at the Royal Society of Arts:

Watch Kathleen Stock’s analysis of the crisis in our universities on the occasion of our launch ceremony:

Cancelled Voices

Giving a voice to the cancelled.

Discover our podcast series about the human cost of cancel culture and the resolve to fight it.


Recent Reports

MIT’s banning of diversity statements sets example for UK universities.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has banned the use of diversity statements in hiring academic staff.  It is common in UK universities for applicants to academic posts to be required to submit an equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) statement. These statements typically require applicants to explain how they or their research have contributed to EDI,…

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Cardiff Academic Freedom Association forced to cover own costs by University.

Cardiff University has abused its own internal policies in order to deprive Cardiff Academic Freedom Association of support.  Cardiff Academic Freedom Association (CAFA) is a new organisation founded by academics at Cardiff University “to promote academic freedom and freedom of speech at Cardiff University”. CAFA states that it is strictly non-partisan and will “only promote…

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