Academic freedom is under threat.


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CAF Official Launch – 27 February 2024

Watch our director Edward Skidelsky address CAF’s launch event at the Royal Society of Arts:

Watch Kathleen Stock’s analysis of the crisis in our universities on the occasion of our launch ceremony:

Cancelled Voices

Giving a voice to the cancelled.

Discover our podcast series about the human cost of cancel culture and the resolve to fight it.


Recent Reports

The QAA tells academics to decolonise Classics and Maths

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an independent UK body tasked with assessing the quality of university teaching. 98 per cent of UK universities are paid “members” of the QAA and receive its advice. The QAA issues “Subject Benchmark Statements”, which provide “general guidance” for the design of academic courses.   In March 2022, the QAA…

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What does the new Labour government mean for academic freedom?

On 4 July, in the UK general election, Keir Starmer’s Labour Party won a huge parliamentary majority, ending 14 years of Conservative government. So, what will Britain’s new government mean for academic freedom? As we pointed out in our “election day” report on 30 June, Labour’s manifesto makes no explicit mention of academic freedom or…

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Election day: what do the parties say about academic freedom?

The Committee for Academic Freedom has reviewed the manifesto commitments of the seven main political parties in relation to academic freedom. A summary of the findings is below:  Conservative Party  The Conservative Party manifesto is available here. The manifesto states “The Conservative Party is a strong defender of freedom of speech”, adding “we were proud…

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