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CAF Official Launch – 27 February 2024

Watch our director Edward Skidelsky address CAF’s launch event at the Royal Society of Arts:

Watch Kathleen Stock’s analysis of the crisis in our universities on the occasion of our launch ceremony:

Cancelled Voices

Giving a voice to the cancelled.

Discover our podcast series about the human cost of cancel culture and the resolve to fight it.


Recent Reports

Durham debate on Gaza shut down by protestors

Durham University has allowed protesters to prevent a debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict from going ahead.  Durham University’s Durham Union Society (DUS) organised a debate to take place on 7th June on the motion This House Believes Palestinian Leadership is the Biggest Barrier to Peace. The debate was to have three “pro-Israel” and three “pro-Palestine”…

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Exeter University introduces “Inclusive Practitioners Commitment”.

On 28 May, all staff at the University of Exeter received the following invitation in the university’s Weekly Bulletin: The link took readers through to a “commitment” which runs as follows: Inclusive Practitioners Commitment 2024 My goal is to be the kind of person that LGBTQ+ people can confide in and feel safe around, whether…

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British Medical Journal Open refuses to publish “transphobic” comment.

The BMJ Open has refused to publish a ‘rapid response’ comment by Professor Michael Biggs, on the grounds that he holds views which are “transphobic”.  Michael Biggs is a professor of sociology at the University of Oxford. In February 2023, the BMJ Open, a leading medical journal, published an article on the demographic characteristics, long-term…

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