List of signatories


Prof. Ruth Chang – University of Oxford

Prof. Steven Greer FRSA FAcSS – University of Bristol

Prof. Sir John Baker KC FBA – University of Cambridge

Dr. Ralph Wilde – University College London

Prof. Robert Wintemute – King’s College London

Prof. Robert Black KC FRSE – University of Edinburgh

Prof. Alan Norrie FBA – University of Warwick

Dr. Liron Shmilovits – University of Cambridge

Prof. Michael Zander KC (Hon) – London School of Economics

Prof. Roger Cotterrell FBA – Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Firat Cengiz – University of Liverpool

Prof. Jeff Kenner – University of Nottingham

Dr. Michael Foran – University of Glasgow

Dr. Dania Thomas – University of Glasgow

Dr. Andrew Scott – London School of Economics

Dr. Julius Grower – University of Oxford

Dr. Candida Saunders – University of Nottingham

Prof. Andrew Tettenborn – University of Swansea

Prof. Douglas Brodie – University of Strathclyde

Prof. Kyriakos Kotsoglou – Northumbria University

Prof. Irit Samet – King’s College London

Prof. Lilian Edwards – Newcastle University

Dr. Emma Milne – Durham University

Dr. Derek Whayman – University of Reading

Prof. Kai Möller – London School of Economics

Prof. Janet O’Sullivan – University of Cambridge

Prof. Peter Ramsay – London School of Economics

Dr. Martin Husovec – London School of Economics

Prof. Julie Price – University of Cardiff

Dr. Lawrence Newport – Royal Holloway, University of London

Prof. Ronan McCrea – University College London

Prof. Rosa Freedman – University of Reading

Dr Hannah Quirk – King’s College London

Professor Andrew Murray – London School of Economics

Mr. James Murray – University of Buckingham

Prof. Steven Haines – University of Greenwich

Prof. David Collins – City, University of London

Dr. Prakash Shah – Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Adam Reilly – University of Glasgow

Prof. Prince Saprai – University College London

Dr. David McGrogan – Northumbria University

Dr. Aruna Nair – University of Oxford

Prof. Jonathan Morgan – University of Cambridge

Prof. Dennis Patterson – University of Surrey

Prof. David Ibbetson – University of Cambridge

Prof. John Strawson – University of East London

Prof. Jonathan Price – University of Oxford

Dr. Ashley Hannay – University of Manchester

Dr. Sean Thomas – University of York

Prof. Rosemary Auchmuty – University of Reading

Prof. Christina Perry – Queen Mary University of London

Prof. Stephen Guest – University College London

Prof. Anneli Albi – University of York

Dr. Michael McGowan – King’s College London

Prof. Martin Loughlin FBA – London School of Economics


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