Mathematics and Computing

List of signatories


Prof. Alan Sokal – University College London

Dr. John Armstrong – King’s College London

Prof. Sir David Spiegelhalter FRS – University of Cambridge

Prof. Abhishek Saha – Queen Mary University, London

Prof. Philip Dawid FRS – University of Cambridge

Prof. Perdita Stevens – University of Edinburgh

Prof. Thomas Prellberg – Queen Mary University, London

Prof. Pavel Berloff – Imperial College London

Prof. John Rawnsley – University of Warwick

Prof. Yan Fyodorov – King’s College London

Prof. Takis Konstantopoulos – University of Liverpool

Prof. Alexander Pushnitski – University College London

Prof. Samuel Falle – University of Leeds

Prof. Richard Gill – University of Leiden

Dr. András Zsák – University of Cambridge

Prof. Martin Widmer – Royal Holloway University, London

Prof. Andrei Yafaev – University College London

Prof. Martin Anthony – London School of Economics

Dr. Ricardo Almeida – University of Edinburgh

Dr. Martin Herdegen – University of Warwick

Dr. Nazar Miheisi – Kings College London

Dr. Andi Wang – University of Warwick

Prof. Charles Taylor – University of Leeds

Prof. David Mond – University of Warwick

Prof. Rainer Dietmann – Royal Holloway University, London

Prof. Francis Johnson – University College London

Prof. Peter McBurney – King’s College London

Dr. Martin Caminada – University of Cardiff

Dr. Paul Cook – King’s College London


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