Partner Organisations

The Committee for Academic Freedom is one of several organisations in the UK campaigning for academic freedom and for free speech more generally. These organisations differ in their scope and approach, but they share the same goal: freedom under the law for all. We are happy to work in partnership with them.

Academics for Academic Freedom

Set up in 2006 as a campaigning group for all lecturers, academic-related staff, students and researchers who want to defend unimpeded inquiry and expression. It has 19 branch groups in universities across the UK.

The Free Speech Union

Set up in 2020 as a non-partisan, mass membership public interest body that stands up for the speech rights of its members and campaigns for free speech more widely.

Alumni for Free Speech

Set up in 2022, it aims to organise university alumni to secure free speech in universities, with an emphasis on creating policies which comply with the law and best practice.

The London Universities’ Council for Academic Freedom

Set up in 2023, it encourages collaboration between academics in London universities to promote academic freedom in London and beyond.