Politics and International Relations

List of signatories


Prof. Anatol Lieven – King’s College London

Dr. Edward Howell – University of Oxford

Prof. Adam Swift – University College London

Dr. Yuan Yi Zhu – University of Oxford

Dr. Matt Beech – University of Hull

Dr. Philip Cunliffe – University College London

Dr. James Pritchett – University of Hull

Prof. Brendan Simms – University of Cambridge

Prof. Lee Jones – Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Kevin Hickson – University of Liverpool

Prof. Eric Kaufmann – University of Buckingham

Dr. Thomas Prosser – University of Cardiff

Prof. Matthew Goodwin – University of Kent

Dr. Rita Floyd – University of Birmingham

Prof. David Betz – King’s College London

Prof. Chris Brown – London School of Economics

Dr. Simon Anglim – King’s College London

Prof. James Martin – Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr. Christopher McDowell – City, University of London

Dr. Daniel Peterson – Queen Mary University of London

Prof. Mark Pennington – King’s College London

Dr. Billy Christmas – King’s College London

Dr. Anne Daguerre – University of Brighton

Dr. Guy Aitchison – Loughborough University

Dr. Richard Heffernan – Open University

Prof. Adrian Pabst – University of Kent

Dr. Charlotte Goodburn – King’s College London

Dr. Frank Ledwidge – University of Portsmouth

Prof. Russell Keat – University of Edinburgh


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