Psychology, Psychiatry and Medicine

List of signatories


Prof. Raymond Tallis FRCP – University of Manchester

Prof. Sophie Scott CBE – University College London

Dr. Gavin Jarvis – University of Sunderland

Prof. Iain McGilchrist – University of Oxford

Prof. Robert Plomin CBE FBA FMedSci – King’s College London

Prof. Timothy Bates – University of Edinburgh

Dr. Anna Ross – University of Edinburgh

Prof. Andrew Lawrence – University of Edinburgh

Dr. Kathryn Webb – University of Oxford

Prof. Anthony Cox – University of Birmingham

Dr. David Bann – University College London

Prof. Susan Blackmore – University of Plymouth

Prof. Chloe Marshall – University College London

Prof. Alastair Sutcliffe FRCP – University College London

Prof. Nigel Hunt FRHistS – University of Nottingham

Dr. Nathan Skene – Imperial College London

Prof. James Boardman – University of Edinburgh

Dr. Sarah Johnson – University of Roehampton

Dr. Toby Andrew – Imperial College London

Prof. Matthew Brett – London Interdisciplinary School

Prof. Gus Gazzard – University College London

Prof. Dorian Haskard – Imperial College London

Prof. Robin Jacoby – University of Oxford

Dr. Bettina Friedrich – University College London

Dr. Louise Pendry – University of Exeter

Dr. Avril Mewse – University of Exeter

Prof. David Pilgrim – University of Southampton

Prof. Sallie Baxendale – University College London

Prof. Rupert Drayfund – University of Bolton

Prof. Johan Bolhuis – University of Cambridge

Dr. Daniel Rowan – University of Southampton

Dr. Deborah Wallis – Birmingham City University

Mr. Peter Baumbach – University of Suffolk

Dr. Francis Sansbury – University of Cardiff

Dr. Soljana Çili – University College London


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