Threats to Freedom

Recent Reports

Below you can find the most recent threats to freedom from across the UK that have been submitted to us. Click on the title of each article to read it in full. To access the archive that displays the full list please press the button ‘Archive’.

Queen Mary University and Queen Mary UCU both wrong about academic freedom.

Queen Mary University has removed “pro-Palestine” posters from Queen Mary branch of the University and College Union. At the same time, the union has called on the university to take an official position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Both actions constitute attacks on academic freedom.   Queen Mary UCU is the…

Universities use “microaggressions” to stifle free speech, CAF investigation finds.

A number of universities have published guides, training courses, and statements on microaggressions which undermine freedom of expression and academic freedom. The term “microaggression” was popularised by the Harvard psychologist Dr Derald Sue. Sue defines microaggressions as: Everyday verbal, non-verbal and environmental slights, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional,…

CAF survey reveals climate of oppression and fear in UK universities.

On 12 February, CAF sent an anonymous survey to the 319 signatories of its “three principles”, inviting them to answer ten questions about academic freedom with a “yes” or “no” followed by “further comments”. 95 responded. CAF’s 319 signatories are academics of all disciplines, from universities of all types and…

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